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Fisher-Price Exercise Bike For Toddlers

Fisher-Price Is Releasing an Indoor Cycling Bike For Toddlers

As a parent in the modern day, encouraging your child to put down the tablet and spend some time outdoors can be a never-ending battle. Now, in an effort to encourage exercise and prevent childhood obesity, Fisher-Price has come up with a solution — the "Think & Learn Smart Cycle," which is an indoor cycling bike for kids. Just like we put peas in macaroni and cheese to get children to eat vegetables, putting a screen on top of a bike to encourage exercise seems like a suitable alternative.

Gizmodo reports that the Smart Cycle will cost $150 and can be connected to a tablet through Bluetooth or to a smart TV. Kids can control the games by the speed of their pedaling. Right now, there are four different educational games to help kids with reading, STEM, math, and social studies, and there are plans to introduce more applications in the future.

Although this does seem like a great way to keep kids learning while moving around, it brings up a bigger issue of putting pressure on kids to care about their weight and stay fit at such a young age, which could potentially have a negative effect on their body image as they grow. What do you think about the Smart Cycle?

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