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Fit Pregnant Woman on Instagram

This Pregnant Woman Manages to Work Out 5 Times a Week, Is an Actual Superhero

For those of us feeling particularly lazy at the moment . . . you might want to stop reading this.

Despite being eight months pregnant with her second child, fitness blogger Sia Cooper is still keeping up with her fitness regimen and has still maintained an enviably toned tummy, Γ  la Chontel Duncan. She has also been documenting her fit pregnancy in various Instagram photos and videos β€” like the one shown below β€” where she defends her sustained weight lifting.

While the safety of these workouts is frequently questioned in regards to pregnant women, we have to applaud her commitment to her health and ultimately trust that she knows what's best for her body. As she wrote on Instagram, "Listen to your body and trust it. It certainly knows what it's capable of. Pregnancy is not a handicap, people."

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