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Fourth Grader's Anti-Bullying Video

Every Parent Needs to See This Fourth Grader's Gut-Wrenching Anti-Bullying Video

One fourth grader just opened up about the gut-wrenching details of her experience with school bullying, and it's sure to leave you a blubbering, emotional wreck. Nasir Andrews, a 9-year-old who previously attended Ardmore Elementary School in Washington, recorded a video in which she silently shares her bullying stories using written notecards. She begins the three-minute clip by explaining how she used to be "a happy kid," but that was until she started school.

The young girl discussed how she was allegedly "choked, hit, punched in the face, and pushed" by her classmates, who also ran away from her and stole her lunch. While solemnly looking into the camera, the fourth grader used a series of notecards to say, "As one of about eight black kids at my school, I never felt included, liked, or respected." As if things could possibly get more horrifying, she added that some kids call her shockingly derogatory names like "Nutella" and "Servant" because she received school lunches at a reduced price, according to Us Weekly.

Nasir noted that her family had already reported the incidents to the principal, and that she simply wants people to know her story and understand that "Bullying is real," as she wrote. Her mother, Chantey, shared the video on her Facebook with the caption: "NEVER imagined being on the other side of the camera for this. As a parent, I am hurt that my child is bullied and harassed at school. Please watch, share and change! #backdownbully #justicefornasir." Since posting the clip, it has garnered more than a million views. Watch the video above and spread the word to end this type of vicious school bullying once and for all.

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