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Fourth Grader Invention For Kids in Cars

Fourth Grader Invents Genius Device to Help Parents Remember Their Kid Is in the Car

We're constantly looking for simple tactics in life to help our memories — leaving the car keys in the refrigerator to remember to take leftovers or Post-its all over the house with various reminders — but this fourth grade girl just invented a genius device to make sure our babies are never forgotten in the back of the car. Sophie Rapson's mom Jenny dreaded the "Invention Convention" at school each and every year, but the night before her 9-year-old daughter's idea was due, they brainstormed about some of the biggest global problems that needed solving.

Sophie and Jenny decided they needed to come up with something that would prevent parents from forgetting their children in the car. It's an issue that makes us cringe and shake our heads in disbelief, but it's a real problem that has taken many children's lives. They figured out that they "would need something to attach to the parent, and something to attach to the child's car seat, and something that would stretch in between," Jenny wrote in a blog post. "And it would have to be adjustable, to work in a variety of different-sized cars."

Their brainstorm session turned into a concept they named "Sophie's Baby Forget-Me-Not" and although it may seem like an easy invention, it can save your child's life. "Sophie's Baby Forget-Me-Not" is made of Velcro loops and stretchy cord. By attaching one end of the cord to the baby's car seat straps and the other end of the cord to your keys after getting in the car, you will never forget your keys or your baby in the car. "Sophie's not selling her invention, but she doesn't mind if you copy her design — she wants parents everywhere to make these simple devices and use them every day to ensure no one ever accidentally leaves their babies in the car again," Jenny wrote.

Watch the video above to see how Sophie's invention works, and be inspired to make your own. Although forgetting your baby in the car seems like a mistake no parent would ever make, it's a scarily prevalent issue and Sophie's invention is an awesome way to help.

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