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Funny Video PSA About Mom Brain

This PSA For Mom Brain Is So True That . . . Wait, What Were We Talking About Again?

Do you walk into a room and forget what you're doing there? Do you think you've texted someone but really only just imagined doing it? Do you sometimes have an inability to say the names of your children (ahem, "the girl one, get down here!")?

If these symptoms sound familiar, you may have mom brain.

But fear not! Although there's no cure and no treatment (aside from copious amounts of coffee, maybe), there is this hilarious PSA commercial parody — brought to you by everyone's favorite YouTube parents, Penn and Kim Holderness — to at least let you laugh off your very real postpartum memory loss.

So if you've ever had a conversation with your partner that goes something like this . . .

You: "Maybe we should try that thing tha–"
Him: "What thing?"
You: "Hmmm?"
Him: "Huh?"

. . . you are not alone. Wait — not alone about what?

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