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Gemma Whelan Breastfeeding on Game of Thrones Set as Yara

Gemma Whelan Breastfed Her Daughter on the Game of Thrones Set Dressed as Yara, and You Go, Mama!

You barely have to see one episode of Game of Thrones to know how hard the actors must work on set to produce the elaborate scenes we get to watch every week, and for many actors, that means being muddy, bloody, or sweaty as all hell while delivering their performances. For Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy on the show, there wasn't a spare moment for her to transform from a dirty, likely postfight scene Yara to Mom when it came time to nurse her daughter on set.

"Enjoy tonight's episode guys! Yara's got some big news," Gemma teased on Instagram before the April 28 episode, "The Long Night." As it turns out, Yara doesn't appear in the episode, but we still love Gemma's willingness to share the fact that she's just as cool as her character in real life, taking a casual moment to feed her baby looking like she just battled Yara's evil Uncle Euron head to head.

Gemma welcomed her daughter in the Fall of 2017 with her partner Gerry Howell, and this isn't the first time she's shared a photo of herself nursing her baby girl. This picture, however, is obviously appealing to fans of the show, as it's been shared all over the place, namely Reddit. In one post to the r/freefolk subReddit, a user shared the photo with the caption, "When you have to fight Euron at 6 and feed your kid at 7." As if that wasn't funny enough, the first comment tweaks the Greyjoy house words — "What is dead may never die" — to "What is fed may never cry." LOL.

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