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Girl Asks Santa to Shift Her Dad's Schedule For Christmas

A Little Girl Had the Most Heartwarming Request For Santa This Year . . . and Her Dad's Boss

In lieu of gadgets and clothes, a 10-year-old girl recently asked Santa for an astoundingly selfless wish that could only be granted by him . . . and her dad's boss. When Zadora Matias recently wrote her Christmas list, she emphatically asked for her dad's evening schedule at the post office to be shifted over two hours so that he could spend more time at home once she's back from school. "He would be so happy, and when he is happy I'm happy," she wrote in her heartwarming letter.

Knowing how significant the request was, Zadora also offered to sacrifice gifts she'd like for herself. "I'll tell you this: I'll even let you skip my house (I only want three things) but can you please just change his shift?" she asked. Zadora's letter caught the attention of local news station WWLP, which interviewed both Zadora and her dad. Zadora said, "I have all I want right now from my parents and I realized that I just wanted to spend more time with my dad."

Given how busy the post office is during the holidays, Zadora's dad said it might be difficult for his schedule to see a change in the near future, but hopefully Santa can work his magic sometime in the coming year. Watch the video above to learn more about the touching story.

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