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Girl Buys Tiny Bed For Her Hamster

This Girl Got a Tiny Bed For Her Hamster, and OMG, the Little Guy Is Living His Best Life

If you're in desperate need of a day-brightener, allow Chip the hamster to intervene. This cutie of all cuties is going viral for the sweetest reason: his owner, Amberly Dzimira, bought him a tiny hamster bed, and he's living the dream. Amberly shared a trio of photos on Jan. 29, writing, "I bought my hamster a lil bed and now we do everything together," and people cannot handle how freaking adorable they are. Chip hangs out in his bed while Amberly studies, relaxes by her side for nights of watching The Secret Life of Pets on Netflix, and joins in on snack time with carrots.

Amberly wants the internet to know that Chip is a male teddy bear hamster, and he's "chill asf," thank you very much. Chip's calming presence and laid-back demeanor in his cozy little bed are giving people a dose of joy that they need. If your goal has suddenly become to get a hamster and bed of your own, you're in luck. There are hamster beds readily available online from places like Petsmart. You can try the 6.5-inch All Living Things Fleece Bed ($6) or the You & Me Small Animal Fleece Bed ($3), for starters. We can all take a moment to thank Chip and Amberly for this moment of cuteness!

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