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Girl Finds Out She's Going to Receive a New Heart

This Girl Hearing the News She's Receiving a New Heart Will Bring You to Tears

When we got the call for Macey's new heart

Posted by Macey's New Heart on Monday, August 29, 2016

Although Macey Rae Wright was born with a heart condition and received surgery as an infant, she's led a relatively normal and healthy life — until two years ago. At just age 11, Macey went through two open heart surgeries, but still, her left ventricle began failing, and there weren't any medications or surgeries to correct it. After waiting on the transplant list, hoping there would be enough time before her condition worsened, which would render her unable to receive a new heart, Macey was surprised by her mom with news that they finally got the call.

In a video posted to the Macey's New Heart Facebook page, you can watch the emotional moment Macey heard the news she'd been waiting to hear for so long — it's for sure going to bring you to tears.

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