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Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Legal Weed Dipensary

Entrepreneurial Genius Sells Over 300 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Weed Dispensary

It's that wonderful time of the year when children in little green vests can be seen outside every grocery store and school. Buying Girl Scout cookies, which have an impressive fan base, is a time-honored way to donate to a great organization and get a little something sweet in the process. For one entrepreneurial scout, setting up outside of a legal marijuana dispensary was a match made in heaven.

Marijuana has long been known to give people "the munchies," and since people love these little cookies, it should come as no surprise that when a 9-year-old scout and her father set up outside a dispensary, there was a boom in their sales. In just two three-hour chunks, they managed to sell over 300 boxes of cookies! The shop, Urbn Leaf, even advertised the cookie sale, informing its customer base on Instagram that the Girl Scout would be there.

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But of course, people are up in arms, claiming that this was dangerous and bad parenting. When I was a Girl Scout, many Samoas ago, no one seemed at all concerned that we were set up outside a gas station where truckers and townies bought their booze. You go where people might buy, like gas stations, grocery stores, and, well, legal marijuana dispensaries.

Notice that I keep referring to this as legal, because in California, where this event happened, it is legal. There is no difference in that state between picking up pot gummy bears and a six-pack of beer. They didn't set up shop anywhere illegal — Urbn Leaf is a reputable business as good as any other to market to.

According to the Girl Scouts, she did everything within the legal confines of their guidebook, making this decision to sell one that hopefully brings her and the organization a lot of success.

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