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Glory Johnson Misses Working Out Six Days After Having Twins

Why the Internet Wasn't Pleased With WNBA Star Glory Johnson's Update After Giving Birth to Premature Twins

Six days after welcoming premature twins at 24 weeks, WNBA star Glory Johnson took to Instagram to update her fans. And while some were excited to hear that she's doing well, others weren't too pleased with the message. Johnson, who recently ended her 28-day marriage to Brittney Griner, showed off her healing stomach and wrote, "6 Days After the C-Section . . . Lets see if I can Bounce Back."

Johnson accompanied the snapshot with a series of hashtags, posting "#CantLiftForSixWeeks #FingersCrossed #CravingAGoodWorkout #TwoWeekUpdate #GLOJOsWorkoutPlan Who's with me?" And it seems that many of her followers aren't on board. While some appreciate her dedication, others are leaving mommy-shaming comments, and the rest just want her to rest up with her newborns.

Not only did many commenters take issue with the fact that it's been less than a week since she underwent major surgery, others were quick to cast judgment on the fact that she didn't carry her twins to full-term. One user replied, "Really? You dare to show your tummy with 'hoping to bounce back soon' without caring [sic] one let alone two in your womb full term, after a premature birth???"


When Johnson first announced her pregnancy back in June, she explained her feelings on missing the rest of the 2015 season, saying, "Being a professional athlete that plays year-round, there is never a perfect time to get pregnant without putting my career on hold. The entire process, from learning our fertility options, to making sacrifices necessary nine months before the child is born, is merely preparing me to become a great wife and an even better mother."

Whether a new mom waits six weeks to work out again or waits six years, we should all be in this together and shouldn't be tearing down a mom who's just trying to make sense of her world that was just thrown into serious upheaval.

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