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Grandma Feeds Grandkids While in the Kiddie Pool

Grandma of the Year Serves Kids Chicken Nuggets and Fries in the Pool β€” on a Tray, No Less

As a parent, any time my daughter is able to spend with her grandparents is truly special. They get to create a bond that's much different than the one she has with her parents, and seeing intergenerational love β€” not to mention, similarities β€” take shape is a unique thing to witness. Sometimes I get a glimpse of child-me when my daughter is with my parents. And while I think my daughter has the very best grandparents on the entire planet, I just saw a tweet that's making me wonder if there's another grandparent out there who might take that crown.

In a now-viral tweet, user Dari documents grandma doing the absolute most for the grandkids β€” she's serving them chicken nuggets and french fries in the kiddie pool β€” on a platter, no less! These kids are living the dream, and man, I'm jealous. I want this service for me!

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