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Grandma Makes Drive-In Movie Theater For Grandkids

Grandma Creates Epic "Drive-In Theater" For All the Neighborhood Kids

A grandmother from Ohio is being hailed an internet hero thanks to the elaborate "drive-in movie theater" she created in her backyard for her grandkids using a blow-up projection screen and cardboard "cars." Sherry Pratt's niece, Jessie Woods, took to Twitter to share photos of the outdoor theater, which was fully equipped with a car for each child (with a personalized license plate), cups of candies, and popcorn buckets, just like at a real drive-in.

"My aunt made a 'drive-in' for all the kids in the family and this is exactly how extra I want to be when I'm older," Jessie wrote in her tweet, which has garnered nearly 200,000 "likes" in just a few days.

"We have six grandchildren between my husband and I, and they're all off school, so we were looking for fun entertainment to do," Pratt told ABC News. "I was scrolling on Amazon one night and saw these movie projectors and it hit me," Sherry said. "I thought, 'Wouldn't it be fun to have an outdoor movie night?' So I made these cars out of these little boxes for them. My son is a graphic designer, so I had him make the license plates with their names. Things just kept popping in my head to make it like a real drive-in. We just invited anybody who could make it. I think we had 12 children there."


We're not sure what movie they ended up watching together, but we are sure that this family event will leave a lasting impression on the lucky little ones — and the adults — who got to experience it, thanks to Sherry.

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