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Grandmother Donates Kidney to Granddaughter

What This Grandmother Did For Her Granddaughter Will Warm Your Heart

When Cindy Smith found out her granddaughter Ciara needed a kidney transplant, the 54-year-old grandmother immediately volunteered. "My mom said, 'I want to do it,'" Kate Boddie said in an interview. "[I said], 'You're crazy, grandma' . . . She said, 'No really I want to do it.'"

Ciara, who was born with only one kidney impaired by cysts, spent three months in the neonatal intensive care unit before going home to receive dialysis treatments because she was still too small to receive a transplant. The little girl couldn't eat solid food, and her mom said she was "low-key." When Ciara was finally old enough to receive a kidney, however, both her parents weren't a match.

Despite this devastating news, her grandmother went to get tested and was found to be the perfect donor. "I called my daughter and said, 'I have my 12th man jersey on and I'm ready to go in,'" Cindy said. The lengthy surgery took eight hours, and a day after the operation, Cindy was able to walk over and see her granddaughter. Reflecting on the whole experience, the grandmother told ABC News, "To see Ciara and know [she'd have] no more dialysis — I thought the birth of my children would be that moment. This rivals it." Ciara, now 21 months old, can eat solid food, and mom Kate says, "She's feisty." Talk about a grandmother's love knowing no bounds!

Image Source: Flickr user ricciofix
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