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Harry Styles Announces Mom's Pregnancy at Concert

Harry Styles Paused His Entire Concert to Announce a Mom's Pregnancy and Baby Name

While at Harry Styles's Philadelphia concert, Kristin Kotran, a mom of twins who's pregnant with her third child, got a little shout-out from the man himself. Not only that, but Harry announced the baby's name — rather giddily, might I add — to his entire crowd!


"I had the honor of Harry Styles sharing our newest addition's name last night," Kristin wrote on Instagram, sharing that she, her friend, and baby Penny had the best time at the show. In the video she posted, Harry addresses Kristin over the mic and says, "Do you know what you're having?" before announcing "She's having a little girl!" to his fans.

After asking Kristin if she's chosen a name for her daughter yet, he shyly asks, "Am I allowed to share it?" followed by screaming, "BABY PENELOPE!" to the crowd (and publicly congratulating the mom for having sex at least twice, LOL).

"He did also give me a t-shirt for Baby Penny," Kristin told POPSUGAR. "He had someone bring it to me during the encore. I'll be sure to take a picture of her in it once she is born!"

This little lady is going to have quite the party story to tell when she's older. Kristin said, "Her older twin sisters will be jealous one day!"

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