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Haverdash Clothing Rental Review

As a Mom, I Have Zero Time to Think About Getting Dressed, so I’m Grateful For This Clothing Service

Haverdash Clothing Rental Review
Image Source: Haverdash

As a new mom returning to work last Summer, one of the hardest adjustments was finding a new morning routine. My life had completely flipped upside down, and nothing about my old pre-baby life seemed applicable anymore. In my early 20s, I spent all of my paychecks on purses and shoes; in my early 30s I spent it all on plane tickets and eating out. Now, with a new baby in my life, all of my money was going toward her and making our new life as high-functioning as possible. Money spent on my closet, while a passion of my 20s, just didn't make sense. I was excited to return to work and my writing, but the last thing I wanted to do was spend extra money on clothes.

Part of my new routine involved finding ways to get dressed quickly and easily, sometimes even in the dark because I left for work so early. Where my pre-baby life gave me plenty of time in the morning to scan my closet for inspiration in broad daylight, I was now finding myself grabbing whatever I could see using the flashlight function of my cell phone and throwing it into the basement hallway so I didn't wake my husband when I got dressed at 6:00 a.m.

I finally decided to try the clothing rental subscription service Haverdash. While there is certainly no shortage of places to rent clothing these days (and I've tried many of them!), the prices range quite considerably. Haverdash, though, is probably the cheapest, at $59/month. You get three pieces to borrow at a time, and they keep it pretty simple.

I went online to pick out my rental pieces and was pleasantly surprised. They were the the type of throw-on-and-go things I needed in my wardrobe: fresh prints that were seasonally appropriate and worked well with what I owned. Here's how I felt about the service, and more importantly, how it set me up for success.

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