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Heart Surgeon Calms Girl With Cartoons Before Operation

How This Doctor Calmed a Sobbing 2-Year-Old Before Heart Surgery Will Leave You in Tears

For little kids, just going to the doctor's office can be an intimidating experience. So who can blame a 2-year-old girl for sobbing uncontrollably moments after being taken into the operating room for heart surgery?

Certainly not her doctor, Shi Zhuo, the deputy director of cardiac surgery at the children's section of Zhejiang University Hospital in China. The surgeon — who told the Daily Mail that he went to see her almost every day in the three days before her surgery because kids "need the familiarization process" — showed the ultimate bedside manner by first taking her several times to see her father. When no amount of visits seemed to calm the child, Zhuo simply scooped up the little girl, who had a preexisting heart condition, and played her favorite cartoons on his iPhone.

"It's part of our job," he said, humbly. It didn't take long for the frightened girl to calm down . . . and for an anesthetist to snap the endearing photo, which made its way across the globe on social media.


Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and the brave patient is set to make a complete recovery.

Image Source: Imgur
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