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Hillary Clinton on How Being a Grandma Affects Her Policies

Hillary Clinton's Response to How Being a Grandmother Will Affect Her Presidency Is Pretty Moving

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently stopped by Quora to answer some user questions. One of her most enlightening answers came from a user who posed the question, "Why will Hillary's role as a grandmother make her a better president; what specific public policies will this affect." Read on for her response!

Being a grandmother is the greatest joy and the best job I will ever have. Friends have always told me that would be the case, but I didn't believe it fully until I experienced it for myself. Bill and I are still in awe of everything Charlotte does — little things like clapping her hands and making sounds that are starting to sound more and more like words.

Being a grandmother also makes you think about the future, and I'm constantly thinking to myself, "How can I make sure this precious little girl has every opportunity in the world?" More than anything, I want to make sure she grows up in a country that is peaceful and prosperous — one that gives everyone an opportunity to live up to his or her potential.


I am fighting for the policies that will give every child a chance in life, like access to quality pre-K programs and affordable health care. I want to make sure we're educating families about the importance of reading and singing to their babies to help them build vocabulary. And we have to make sure that all children — no matter where they live — can grow up safely and free from discrimination. And I want to make sure they can attend college without taking on massive student loan debt. Because you shouldn't have to be the grandchild of a former president to be successful.

Helping children and families has been the focal point of my whole career, and being a grandmother has really reinforced my sense of purpose in that work — and the notion that public service sometimes means planting trees under whose shade you'll never sit.

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