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Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Kids

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The holidays are about so much more than opening presents. That's why we partnered with MetaBiotic for this post.

Once you have kids, the holidays become a whole new beast. The happiest time of year turns into a wish fest filled with wants, requests, and everyone on their "best behavior" so Santa brings kiddies everything on their list. When our daughter started losing the magic of the season we decided it was time to make a few changes and instill traditions the whole family will cherish. When you're planning your celebration, here are a few things you might want to add to the schedule.

  1. Count it down: Along with being fun, creating a countdown to Christmas calendar is also educational, incorporating numbers and the days of the week. Plan something fun for each day that you cross off the calendar that integrates ways to give back to the community. For example, have kids go through clothes and make a pile to donate or host a clean-up-the-park play date with friends.
  2. Write thankful letters: Help your child write letters to friends and family sharing what they are thankful for. Younger kids can draw pictures showcasing a proud moment with parents helping to write about what they created. Take the letters to the post office and mail them as a family.
  3. Trim the tree: After heading to a tree farm and picking out the perfect tree, invite the kids to layer on the decorations while listening to festive songs of the season. Turn off the TV, ditch the electronics, and help your child make an ornament for the final touch.
  4. Make cookies together: Cute cookies make delicious gifts for everyone on your holiday list — especially teachers and neighbors. Bake up several batches together then decorate with colorful sprinkles.
  5. Get cooking: One of the things I loved during the holidays as a kid was helping to make the big Christmas Eve meal. We always had the same basics, but the kids were in charge of the dessert, which I looked forward to every year. Invite your little ones into the kitchen and have them help with meal prep.
  6. Pick a holiday movie: Once all the gifts have been opened, sometimes the day gets a bit lost. Instead of breaking apart to your separate corners, let the kids pick a few holiday movies to watch as a family. Pop some popcorn and stay in your jammies for a full day of cuddling on the couch.
  7. Take a family portrait: Before everyone gets back into the grind of life, gather together for a family portrait. It's a yearly way to document your family, which creates a visual image for everyone to cherish year after year. It can be a formal portrait, just a snap shot, or a quick pic taken around the dinner table.
  8. Keep up with cultural aspects: If you have a cultural tradition that's important to you, make sure to stick with it year after year. Share with your kids why the tradition is important to you and include them with the practice.

How do you make the holidays special? Share in the comments below!

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