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Honest and Hilarious Parent Vines

You'll Have a Hard Time Not Laughing at These Brutally Honest Parent-Child Exchanges


We all love our children, but any parent who says they've never experienced minor annoyance with the questions their kid asks or the behaviors they sometimes display has got to be lying to themselves. This hilarious compilation of short video clips from Gabbie of The Gabbie Show — featuring herself as both a mother and her daughter — is a brutally honest representation of how all parents feel when they're in a dead-end fight with their kids over something ridiculous, like not wanting to go to sleep.

We admit, some of these clips might elicit a little gasp or an "I'd never say this to my child," but these fake parent-child exchanges get funnier the more you watch and the less you focus on how realistic the language and sense of defeat is. Watch the video to see what we mean — we're pretty sure by the end of it you'll have a hard time not at least cracking a smile.

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