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Hostess Butterfinger Brownies

Excuse Us While We Run to Walmart to Find Hostess's Butterfinger Brownies!

I hope you have a sweet tooth right now, because we've found a brand-new snack that's about to change the game: Hostess brownies made with Butterfinger! We first learned of this new dessert thanks to junk-food connoisseur The Junk Food Aisle, who shared a photo of the package on Instagram and claims he found the brownies at Walmart. The Hostess brownies are covered in a layer of chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of crushed Butterfinger bars, so we imagine they're equal parts gooey and crunchy. The Butterfinger brownies reportedly retail for $3 per box of six, and they're on shelves now. Between these epic brownies and the newly launched Butterfinger popcorn, it's a great day to be a chocolate- and peanut-butter-lover. Excuse us while we make an impromptu grocery shopping trip immediately!

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