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Hot Car Challenge Video

What Happens When Adults Are Challenged to Sit in a Hot Car For Just 10 Minutes

Ten minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're stuck inside a hot car, it can feel like an eternity. And for one child a week, the resulting heatstroke leads to death.

So a nonprofit organization Kars4Kids decided to put adults to the test so that they could see for themselves what it's like being left in a hot car on a sweltering Summer day.

The social experiment, called the Hot Kar Challenge, offered $100 to any adult who could last just 10 minutes inside the vehicle. Not a single one of them made it.

They were allowed out if they pushed a button after the heat and claustrophobia got to be too much. As one person said, "I can only imagine how a child or baby would feel in there, just waiting for someone." And another: "I could press the button, they couldn't press the button. They'd just be sitting there."

The message? Since 1998, more than 600 kids have died from being left in a car, and Kars4Kids wants parents to remember that statistic — they even have an app to help remind parents that their child is in the car. As they say, "forgetting once is regretting forever."

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