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How Do I Prepare My Kids For the First Day of School?

4 Savvy Moms' Favorite Wardrobe Tricks Will Make Going Back to School a Total Breeze

Heading back to school can be a piece of cake if you’ve planned right, but just knowing how to get started can seem like half the battle. Teaming up with Appaman, we're sharing some brilliant style tips fellow rockstar moms utilize on the regular to get their kids out the door with smiles on their faces.

Mornings are hectic enough without battling with your kids about what they're going to wear. And while heading back to school can be emotional — for both you and them — it doesn't have to be a frantic time, too. When it comes to preparing for the season, we're ripping a page out of some of our very own POPSUGAR moms' books. And the best part? They all agreed on three basic plans of attack when it comes to dressing their little ones for school easily and efficiently: preparation, organization, and communication.


Lay It Out For Them

Helping your child conquer back-to-school begins with a killer outfit they feel confident in. Let their true personality shine through in unique prints, patterns, and colors — and start by having it laid out for them the night before. "The best trick is to lay out clothes the night before. It's is a must. Such a time saver," POPSUGAR President Lisa Sugar advised. That way, when they wake up, your child will know exactly what they're supposed to put on.

If you really want to be a superstar, lay your kids' clothes out for the entire week ahead of time, like Lindsey Abramo, VP of brand partnerships. "We lay outfits out for the week on Sunday nights so we all align on the choices and it’s all set for the week. [Otherwise we have] a daily morning discussion of 'I don’t want to wear that.'"

If you do find yourself in a tug-of-war with your youngster, VP of Native Content Rebecca Gruber suggested picking your battles. "If you want your child to wear jeans and they only want to wear track pants, or you want them to wear a skirt and they only want to wear leggings, don't fight it. It's not worth it," she said. "It's just a day at school, and if they're too hot or too cold, they'll learn their lesson and adjust the next day. It's not worth the effort (or the precious minutes that we all need each morning) to fight about clothing choices." Amen!


Keep Their Closet Organized

Most moms can agree that organization is a key ingredient to a smooth morning. Preparing days, or even weeks, before the first day of school arrives may sound overboard, but these moms swear you'll be thanking yourself later. Executive Style Director Dana Avidan Cohn advised starting sooner rather than later.

"Clear out all non-appropriate school items and off-season pieces from their closet and put the items in storage," she suggested. "That way you don't have to argue with them when you are rushing in the morning." Another way to think ahead? Donate any items that are too small, and toss pieces that aren't in great shape (i.e. ripped, stained, or damaged clothing).

The organization doesn't stop there though. Dana even color coordinates her sons' closets so that no matter what they reach for in the morning, it's sure to be a match. "Stock up on new pieces that all work together. I usually stick to four or five colors for my boys (blue, grey, white, black, and a few brighter graphic tees). That way they can grab things out of their drawers and it all matches," she said. "Making all the pieces work together makes it easy for them to do it on their own." And if you're in the market for graphic tees for your kid, Appaman offers an extensive collection of playful and unique options.


Involve Them in the Process

Most importantly, let your child get creative with their look. Giving them a say and letting them pick out special pieces will help them feel cool, comfortable, confident, and ready to take on a new year. "When I order Fall clothing, I always let them pick out a few things themselves so I know they will have a few favorites," Dana said. She also lets them add their own personal touch to their school supplies. "I let my kids decorate their backpacks with pins and patches to make it their own," she explained.

Knowing where to shop and what pieces to splurge on can also be tricky, but don't be afraid to spend a little extra on quality pieces you know your kids will get loads of use out of. "Investing in a cool jacket and sneakers makes basic outfits really stylish," Dana said. "I always spend more on those."

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