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How Does Breastmilk Change When Baby Is Sick?

This Viral Photo Is the Reason They Call Breast Milk "Liquid Gold"

Ashlee Chase has gotten a lot of flack for nursing her baby girl Elliot. She shared a few "highlights" on Facebook:

"Why do you still let your 7-month old nurse?" "She's too old." "She's just using you as a pacifier." "You need to put her in her own bed."

OK, first things first, whoever is hounding this poor mother for breastfeeding an infant (seven months is most definitely not too old!) needs to just mind her own damn misinformed business. Still, Ashlee is clearly a more patient woman than most and decided to give these haters a really good visual aid to remind them to back the eff off.


With one photo, she showed how her "liquid gold" breast milk — better than any medicine on the market completely altered its composition when her baby was sick.

"Top milk is from three days ago when a healthy Elliot was nursing," she wrote. "Bottom is from today, after sick Elliot with a fever comfort-nursed all night. This."

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