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How to Hide a Pregnancy When You Have Morning Sickness

How to Hide Your Pregnancy When You Have Severe Morning Sickness

When you're struggling with a brutal case of morning sickness throughout your first trimester, it isn't easy to keep your pregnancy a secret. What are you supposed to do when your "flu" has lasted several weeks, you keep running back and forth to the bathroom, and your face is quite literally green? Check out some simple tips to help you hide your pregnancy when you have severe morning sickness, then see which foods can ease the symptoms!

Keep Some "Emergency Kits" on Hand

Preparation is key to pretending you feel well! In a small bag that you can move from purse to purse, pack an emergency kit that includes mints, mouthwash, plus the very necessary plastic bag or two. That way, when a wave of nausea hits, you can grab your kit and run straight outside or to the bathroom.

Say No to Plans Whenever Possible

Sure, you don't need (or want) to hibernate for three months, but you should absolutely cancel plans when you know you're having a rough day. You aren't really going to enjoy yourself if you're barely able to keep it together, and the stress of trying to act like you're fine will only make you feel sicker.

Map Out Exit Strategies

It may sound like a joke, but this is the habit that will save you: wherever you go, take note of the nearest bathrooms and exits in case you need to step away to refresh yourself or get some fresh air. There's nothing worse than feeling that sudden rush of heat, scrambling to find a bathroom, and then realizing it's too late.

Make Yourself Look Better Than You Feel

Honestly, sometimes the dead giveaway is that you just look sick. As simple and silly as it seems, an extra layer of bronzer and blush will help you fake it till you make it! Another tip? Dress up when you can. Sometimes skipping the sweatpants and just feeling put-together can help you play the part and feel a bit more like your usual self.

Have Allies in Your Corner

A few strategic allies who are in on your secret will make your life much, much easier. If you feel comfortable telling a friend or two (plus a co-worker!), you'll have someone to back you up, distract other people, and help you slip away from the crowd.

Manage the Symptoms

Obvious but true: there's no miracle cure, but it's absolutely crucial that you baby yourself and do whatever you need to do to make your body feel its best. Get plenty of sleep, eat regularly, stick to plain foods, suck on Preggy Pops, and carry a small fan with you to keep yourself cool. All it takes is one rough, sleepless night or one unfortunate piece of pizza to derail your efforts and make it all the more difficult to bounce back.

Ride That "Stomach Flu" Wave as Long as You Can

Bottom line? If all else fails, stick to the old "stomach flu" standby and let that excuse play out for weeks on end. After all, that severe morning sickness may not pass completely, but it will get better. And in the meantime, just try to keep your sense of humor, which will help you get through it!

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