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How to Host a Sleepover Birthday Party

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Your child's birthday party is a special event, which should be filled with friends, fun, and ooey-gooey treats. That's why we partnered with Toaster Strudel for this post.

Birthdays and kids are kind of a big deal. From that first cake smash to themed parties, making each year special is so important. We've always let our daughter help with planning her celebration, and this year she really wanted all her favorite friends over for a slumber party. The idea kinda threw me for a loop, with my biggest concern being if any of her guests would actually sleep. If you're considering throwing a sleepover for your little one, here are a few things you might want to take into consideration.

  1. Think about guests: The collection of little ones that you're inviting over will be at your home for the long stretch, so it's important to only invite friends that you think will be comfortable spending the night. You can also reach out to parents when putting together the guest list. Age is also a deciding factor, with most kids being OK with spending the night somewhere else by the age of 7.
  2. Preplan food: Pizza was what our daughter wanted, so we ordered the day before to ensure delivery time. We went with all cheese and then prepped a pizza topping bar so her friends could decorate their own slices. We wanted to carry the celebration over into the morning, so we planned an interactive breakfast with ooey-gooey Toaster Studel pastries and sprinkles, plus lots of fresh fruit. The girls loved icing their Strudels in different ways!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff

  1. Schedule out entertainment: A slumber party isn't just a two-hour gig, so it's important to have a schedule of activities. Gobbling pizza and birthday cake only takes minutes, so organize the party into sections. Set time for playing games, doing crafts, and consider selecting a couple of age-appropriate movies.
  2. Define the space: It doesn't matter how old the kids are, you're going to have a few stragglers. Be smart and define the area you want attendees to stay in by letting everyone know verbally plus closing any doors that shouldn't be opened. It's also important to give your house a quick kid-friendly check, moving breakables to a new location.
  3. Set up sleeping arrangements: Your child's room might not have enough space for everyone to sleep, so consider transforming your living room into a big cozy spot. It might also offer more night-lighting options plus easier access to bathrooms. Set ground rules before bedtime so all guests understand that when it's lights out, that means quiet time.
  4. Be available: The one thing I wasn't prepared for was how so many of her little friends wanted me to stick around and cuddle before bedtime. I read stories after the movie then tucked everyone in. Since our living room had been taken over, my husband and I moved into the adjacent guest room with the TV on low to be available to any little ones who had a hard time falling asleep. By 10 p.m. they were all snoring.
  5. Have fun! It was a bit different hosting a birthday party and then trying to get a gaggle of giggling kids to sleep, but seeing her friends enjoying the time together was wonderful. The smiling faces on the guests' faces when parents came to pick up in the morning said it all. We're already planning our daughter's party for next year!

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