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How to Keep Pets Away From the Christmas Tree

Anyone Who Has Terribly Behaved Pets Absolutely Needs This Christmas Tree Cage

How to protect the Christmas tree from cats

Not this year....

Posted by Life is Good on Monday, November 12, 2018

As a person who already has the Christmas music station on at work, I revel in the time I get to spend decorating my apartment for the holiday. I recently pulled all my Christmas decorations out of the closet — two full weeks late! — and started sprucing up my space with holiday cheer. After cursing my fiancé for making me wait so long to put them up, I scampered off to bed to count sugarplums.

It was 2 a.m. when I realized I really f*cked up. I immediately woke up to the sound of glass hitting the floor, ran to the living room, and saw my two 11-month-old cats — Mrs. Dumbledore and Gandalf — scaling the tree with all my not-very-expensive ornaments at the foot of the tree. Yup, those two birds knocked every single bulb off the lower branches of my fake Christmas tree.

But you know what could've prevented the hours of cat "hockey" I heard at 2 a.m.? This ridiculously easy hack for your Christmas tree. All you do is take a dog cage, flip it on its side, and voilà! You've got yourself a tree cage that protects your holiday spirit from the most notorious offenders. Read: cats, dogs, and little kids alike. Oh, how I wish I figured this out before putting my own tree up!

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