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How Long Can You Freeze Food?

This Chart of How Long Foods Last in the Freezer Will Blow Your Mind

If you've ever reached into your freezer for something — anything — to make for dinner and spent a good 15 seconds wondering how long it's been in there (and the follow-up question: Is it still good?) before anxiously deciding if it belongs on your plates or in the garbage, you are going to want to rev up the printer and plaster this chart on your refrigerator door.

The pros at created a comprehensive list of foods — from cookie dough to chicken nuggets to TV dinners to fruits and veggies and meats — alongside their frozen shelf lives. And much of it is surprising: Did you know that you can keep an entire beef roast for a full year . . . but bacon for just a month?

Read on to discover the fate of what's in your freezer:

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