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How to Use a Car Seat Safely

8 Things Every Parent Should Know Before They Strap Their Kid Into a Car Seat

How to Use a Car Seat Safely
Image Source: Safety 1st

Being a parent comes with a fair amount of pressure, but perhaps the most stressful part of parenting is driving our children around — or having someone else drive them. Making sure your child's car seat is installed the correct way and that they are buckled in properly is something that, while of the utmost importance, can end up being taken for granted because it's done so often — but it needs to be done properly every time.

Over the past few months, a few stories about children's lives who were saved by their properly installed car seats in crashes have gone viral. This press is helping to alert parents to the fact that, had the car seats in those stories been incorrectly installed, those families may not have been as lucky.

With that in mind, we spoke to car seat expert Ryan Hawker, director of product management at Dorel Juvenile USA, about some general safety tips and tricks. Read through for eight ways to make sure your child is safe in their car seat every time you take a drive.

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