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IHOP National Pizza Day Pancizzas Through Door Dash

IHOP Is Selling Giant Pancake “Pizzas” This Weekend, and Sign Me the Hell Up

IHOP is so 2018 — this year, IHOP would like to be known as "The IHOP Pancizzeria," but only for a limited time. In honor of National Pizza Day on Feb. 9, IHOP will be creating "pancizzas" — or pancake pizzas — in three different varieties to curb your breakfast pizza cravings (that's a thing, right?).

If you'd like to get your hands on a hot and fresh pancizza — available in original buttermilk, bacon and cheddar, and cupcake flavors — there's a slight catch. Not only is the chain cooking up these pancake 'zas for just three days (Feb. 8 through Feb. 10), you'll have to place your order for pickup or delivery through DoorDash. Pizza is best when it's delivered right to your door, anyway, no?

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