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IMomSoHard Video About Summer Camp For Moms

These Women Suggesting There Should Be "Summer Camp For Moms" Are Our Heroes

Mom Camp | imomsohard

How come moms don’t get sleepaway camp? Where we would mostly SLEEPaway our days. But we’d also do a little of this…

Posted by Awestruck on Friday, June 23, 2017

It becomes apparent once you have kids that "Summer fun" isn't really what it used to be when you yourself were a child. Classic Summer activities like going to the neighborhood pool are much more fun for kids and actually a bit of a nightmare for parents (packing a pool bag postkids is not a task for the faint of heart). However, one thing moms and kids can agree on is that the best part of Summer is camp, whether it be a day camp or sleepaway — the kids get to have fun in the sun with their friends all day and Mom has one less tiny human to deal with for those hours.

Regardless of this win-win situation, two moms are making a pretty good point: there should totally be a Summer camp for moms.

In their recent video, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the hilarious moms behind IMomSoHard, toy with the idea of a 10-day Summer camp for moms that would have zero expectations for its campers. "Camp wine-a-lot: they give you a time that they suggest you arrive. You don't even have to be on time," says Kristin as she bounces her first idea off Jen. The pair continue to go back and forth, creating ideal camp scenarios for moms as well as a daily schedule: "wake up, mimosas, breakfast, mimosas, brunch, nap," followed by canoeing in which a man from the "male camp next door" rows the boat and provides you with "real" compliments.

Kristin and Jen wrap up their camp daydreams discussing what it would be like to return from this 10-day getaway.

Ten days is the perfect amount of time because let me tell you something: you're going to miss them and they're going to miss you. And you'll come back recharged and you've got at least 72 hours where everybody likes each other. They're going to appreciate you when you get back. When you left the kids were like, "Daddy's more fun than you are." And then when you get back they're going to be like, "Daddy doesn't know where the toothpaste is kept." Things are hard, then we come back refreshed, recharged, reinvigorated. Ready to face the Summer. . . . A mom can dream.

Yes, yes she can.

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