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How 1 Mom Is Celebrating the Miracle of IVF With Breathtaking Rainbow Baby Photos

Jennie and John Hill's journey to parenthood didn't come easily. After five miscarriages, Jennie learned that she had a rare chromosome disorder and that because of her condition, she had a 95 percent chance of losing any pregnancy.

With that heartbreaking news, the pair decided to meet with genetic counselors and learned that in vitro fertilization was still an option. "IVF gave us a gift of hope, strength, and courage. We knew going into it that God held our future in His hands and that is where we found peace through the process," Jennie shared with POPSUGAR Moms.

The pair decided to blog about their experience the entire way through in order to help others both learn about and celebrate the IFV process. "I came to learn through our own heartache that many struggle to talk about their losses, some believing they have nowhere to turn. Yet, there are even some who are afraid that others may look down on them," Jennie said. "Not many will talk about options like IVF. We have learned that the miracle of science can be amazing! It should be talked about. It's not a shameful thing, it's an amazing experience that can give so many hope!"


Jennie saved most of her injection needles to help shed light on the process, so when the couple found out that they were expecting Harper Grace, they incorporated this part of their journey into the announcement.

"We wanted to continue the rainbow theme in our announcement and newborn photos (taken by some amazing professional photographers who captured our story perfectly)," Jennie said. "After all, a rainbow baby is significant of a rainbow after a storm. After all our losses and heartache, our rainbow has finally came! Some things are worth waiting (and working!) for!"

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