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Ikea Letters to Santa Commercial

Ikea Commercial Reveals What Kids Really Want For Christmas (and It Will Break Your Heart)

What's the number one item on kids' Christmas lists? If you guessed a Frozen-themed toy or the latest gaming system, you'd be wrong. A recent commercial from Ikea Spain reveals that the thing kids want most can't be bought online or in a store. In the marketing campaign, children are asked to write two letters: one to the Three Kings (the Spanish equivalent of Santa Claus) and one to their parents.

The letters to the Three Kings were what we'd expect from a group of 4- to 9-year-olds: long lists of the hottest toys and technology. But the notes to the parents were less about material goods and more about quality time with Mom and Dad. The requests ranged from "doing more experiments at home" to enjoying family dinners to simply spending an afternoon together. It's good food for thought as you wrap your kids' presents this year.

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