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Jell-O Magic Wands

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff

Magic Wands

From Sarah Lipoff, POPSUGAR Moms

Jell-O Magic Wands


  1. 1 3-ounce package of JELL-O gelatin, any flavor
    1 1/2 cups boiling water
    A variety of fruits sliced in chunks
    Wooden skewers, pointed ends removed


  1. Mix together the JELL-O gelatin mix and boiling water in a mixing bowl, stirring until everything has completely dissolved.
  2. Pour into and 8x8 baking tray, and place in the fridge. You can use one single color or repeat directions with additional flavors. Refrigerate for three hours.
  3. Cut out sections of the JELL-O gelatin using cookie cutters, and place on a large serving platter. This is a great step for kids to help create the shapes for the wands! Surround with fruit and wooden skewers.
  4. Gently skewer the fruit and shapes and enjoy!
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff