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Jessica Alba's TV Show L.A.'s Finest Has Family-Friendly Set

Jessica Alba's New TV Show Has a "Family-Friendly" Set, and Hollywood Needs to Listen Up

A big morning meeting at work and panicking to get child care because the sitter calls in sick is a story most moms know all too well — even celebrity moms.

When Jessica Alba stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she chatted about her return to acting with her new TV show L.A.'s Finest with Gabrielle Union, and it seems not only is the show full of badass women, but the set also has some badass, family-positive rules to support said women and the rest of the cast and crew.

The mom of three told Fallon, "we have a family-friendly set" complete with trailers that have a "whole baby situation." She explained that, "We had a teachers' strike, and some of the crew members just didn't have child care, and we didn't even bat an eye when they were bringing their children to set," stressing that this is unheard of on regular Hollywood sets. She also mentioned that when two women are executive producers, family-friendly is what you get. Apparently the kids get involved with shouting "action" and "cut" and hang out on set all day. And after hearing her "terrible" parenting habit, we're convinced she's probably one of the most fun moms to go to work with. Bravo!

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