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Jimmy Kimmel Father's Day Cheese Toss Challenge Video

Jimmy Kimmel Challenged Kids to Do a Father's Day Cheese Toss, and It's Too Much!

Reason number 203,853,459,743 why we have a love-hate relationship with the internet: it brought us the cheese toss challenge. You know, the videos where parents were throwing slices of American cheese on their innocent babies? Well, the children are seeking revenge, and it's all thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. In honor of Father's Day, the late-night host asked fans to record videos of them throwing cheese at their fathers, and the results were hilarious. Are we allowed to admit we like this version of the challenge a lot better than the original?

Some dads were oblivious, like the father who had a sandwich constructed on his face mid-REM cycle; others were hungry and saw the prank as a snack opportunity, but they all absolutely saw the humor in getting a taste of their own medicine. Watch the funny clip above, and dads, beware: these kids are up to no gouda.

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