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Jimmy Kimmel Gave Aaron Paul a Tiny Meth Suit For His Baby Girl, and It's Actually Kinda Cute

Although Aaron Paul has appeared in other shows and a few movies since his role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, the actor just can't seem to shake the references to the iconic show. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paul, who is expecting the birth of a baby girl with his wife Lauren any day now, was given a hilarious gift by Kimmel that'll make Breaking Bad fans crack up.

"Finally, @laurenpaul8 and I now know what our little girl is coming home in from the hospital. Perfect," Paul commented on a photo he posted to Instagram of him and Kimmel. In between the pair? A small, pink outfit for his baby girl. Paul added, "Thanks for the baby meth suit @jimmykimmel."

She may not wear the (honestly really cute) suit in the same way her dad's character did, but if we're being real, it does look comfy enough to wear around the house.

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