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Justin Timberlake Can't Stop That Mom Feeling Video

This Justin Timberlake Parody Perfectly Sums Up That "Mom" Feeling

It's time for all of the mamas out there to boogie with their little ones! Justin Timberlake's hit single "Can't Stop the Feeling" inspired one millennial mom to ask other mamas across the world to share what it feels like to be a mom. The resulting videos prove that a mother's love has no language, and proud parents breaking it down with their tots can translate across all cultures. But Timberlake didn't just provide the background music for the heartwarming clip; he also shared his support for the touching message. "And NOW the Mommas get their moment..." Timberlake wrote on Facebook. Check out the universal dance party that unites moms across different walks of life and get dancing with your kiddo!

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