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Kid-Friendly GPS Watch

Would You Want Your Kids Wearing a Tracking Device?

It happens more often than moms think or care to admit. We're watching our child play on the monkey bars, turn to talk to a friend, and look back only to discover we can't find our tot. We scream their name, we search the entire playground, and by the time we find them, we feel like the world's worst mom. To make locating your little one easier — and cause less of a scene— tech start-up HereO has created a one-of-a-kind watch that helps parents keep track of their children.

Designed for 3- to 8-year-olds, the HereO watch contains a miniature GPS tracking device, which syncs to a mobile app that allows parents to see where their child is at any moment. HereO founder and President Daniel Ivesha says the idea for the watch came to him after misplacing his niece at a crowded street fair.

"Over 900,000 people report children missing each year, usually it's a kid that just gets lost or strays," Ivesha told The Huffington Post. "Using this technology we can solve most of these cases when the kid gets lost." Ivesha adds that by disguising the tracking device as a colorful watch, parents can find children who have potentially been kidnapped. If, however, someone manages to remove the watch from a child's wrist, parents will receive an emergency alert that includes the current location.

The HereO watch is currently in the final testing stage and available for presale via the company's online fundraising campaign. Those who contribute to the campaign can receive a HereO watch for $99, compared to the $150 it will cost when it hits stores in September 2014. Parents will also be required to subscribe to the app for a $5 monthly fee.

Would you want your child wearing a HereO watch? Weigh in on our poll and comment below!

Source: Indiegogo user HereO

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