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Kid-Friendly Image Scanners

Getting an MRI or CAT Scan Just Got SO Much Less Scary For Young Kids

When Doug Dietz, a medical industrial engineer for GE Healthcare, saw a little girl who needed an MRI, completely reduced to tears at the thought of sitting in a tunnel alone for so long, he knew something about the MRI process for kids needed to change. Dietz and his team got to work creating an "Adventures Series" that makes getting a MRI, PET scan, or CAT scan much more pleasant for little ones.

"I see this young family coming down the hallway and I can tell as they get closer that the little girl is weeping," said Dietz in a press release on GE Healthcare's website. "As they get even closer to me, I notice the father leans down and just goes, 'Remember we talked about this. You can be brave.'"

The first Adventure Series medical scanner made its debut in University of Pittsburg Hospital, and it's safe to say both parents and children have taken a serious liking to it — so much so that the machines are now cropping up all over the US. The highly-sought-after machines come in a variety of themes, including a "space voyage" MRI, in which kids enter a "spaceship" that they're told is going into hyper-drive once the machine becomes loud. If your little one needs a PET scan, then welcome to "Camp Cozy," a more low-key, soothing experience that helps kids stay still and calm for the full 45-minute scan.

Talk about making the most of an otherwise unpleasant experience!

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