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Kid's Light-Up Shoes Catch on Fire

These Are the Shocking Photos of Light-Up Shoes That Every Parent Needs to See

Almost every parent has fielded requests at one point from their kiddo for a pair of light-up shoes. The colorful kicks, usually complete with beloved cartoon characters and Velcro straps, adorn tiny feet across the country. But one family is lucky that their child wasn't wearing his bright shoes the moment they literally lit up — in flames.

Reddit user Jovianflower posted the startling photos of her son's charred shoes after she went out to her car and discovered the aftermath of a fire that left the floor and back seat of her vehicle completely burnt. "We came to the conclusion (along with the fire marshal) that it was my son's light-up shoes that started the fire," she posted. "They were completely burnt and charred up with the wires from the lights sticking out."

The boy's Jake and the Never Land Pirates shoes from Payless are hardly recognizable, and his concerned parent asked other users if this is something they're aware can happen. It looks like it isn't just hoverboards that parents have to worry about spontaneously catching fire.

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