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Kid's Restraint in Writing F-Word in Homework Assignment

This Kid Deserves a F*cking Medal For Not Taking the F-Word Bait in a Homework Assignment

Imagine you are asked a simple question: "What word ends in -uck?" If your brain immediately sends neurological signals to your mouth to shout out a big giant F-bomb, well, you clearly have less self-control than one anonymous grade-schooler.

In a similar homework assignment focusing on "Words of the Week," this student was tasked with writing as many words with "the same pattern — uck." Truck was included as an example.

The kid listed out words such as buck, tuck, duck, and stuck, but he or she couldn't help but acknowledge the four-letter-word-sized elephant in the room. The responsible student could have simply written out "f*ck" but took the high road and instead wrote "F word."


Although we can't properly reward this mystery student, the person who shared a photo of the assignment on Facebook has a perfect suggestion: "There's a mom out there somewhere who just won a medal for teaching her kid restraint!"

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