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Kids Acting Out Things Moms Say All the Time

These 2 Little Girls Mimicking the Things Moms Say All Day Long Is SO Spot On

Things Mommy Says

I sat down with the girls this morning and asked them "what are some things mommy always says?" ... and this is what we got 😂 Their *ON POINT* acting and giggles while filming confirmed that they've definitely seen all of these many many times, lol. *also I was a little bit offended at how well Ellia yelled at the beginning 🤣*

Posted by Story of This Life on Friday, June 14, 2019

Kids say a lot of funny things, but even funnier than their random quips? Kids mimicking all of the things that parents repeatedly say in a day. Story of This Life's Esther Anderson shared a video on Facebook of her two older daughters, Ellia and Tessa, acting out things she commonly says, like "No more snacks!," "Why do I bother cleaning?," and "Can I just have five minutes?!" — and it's SO spot-on. Watch the full video, "Things Mommy Says," above, which is not only hilarious but also completely adorable and ends on the sweetest thing that Esther often says to her three girls.

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