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Kids Playing Pokemon Go on Vacation

This Is What It Looks Like to Take Your Kid on Vacation in the Era of Pokémon Go

"Somewhere here on vacation, a quick recap: we have this gorgeous scene, but they're on the Pokémon app!"

Ahh, Pokémon Go, simultaneously improving and ruining lives everywhere — the latter particularly applying to parents. The Holderness family is on vacation in beautiful Hawaii this week, but Penn Charles and Lola seem to only want to do one thing: catch Pokémon. Surrounded by breathtaking ocean views, Penn sings to us about this "special" experience to the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and even though we're not in Hawaii with them, this scene looks a lot like our lives with our own kids right about now.

Listen to the parody and commiserate with the Holdnernesses as they attempt to make sense of this new Pokémon Go reality.

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