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Kids React to Grover Cursing in Sesame Street Video

Kids Weigh In on That Viral Sesame Street Clip, and Their Reactions Will Make You Giggle

Kids Tell Us if They Hear Grover Cursing in Viral Sesame Street Clip

Is Grover a foul-mouthed Muppet?

Posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The audible illusion that had the internet up in arms last month centered on the beloved Sesame Street. A Reddit user couldn't distinguish the difference between tame dialogue from Grover and a flat-out F-bomb. Much like the Laurel vs. Yanny or gold dress vs. blue dress debates, adults couldn't stop talking about what they heard come out of this little blue monster's mouth.

But how about what kids, the show's target audience, actually heard? Well, Jimmy Kimmel Live got to work and asked kids at the farmers market what Grover said. Some were blissfully unaware of any foul language, and others . . . knew exactly what was going on. "Don't worry — I hear it at home!" one girl joked. Watch the video above and chuckle along. Looks like the debate will continue, even among younger viewers.

Image Source: ABC
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