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Kids' Reactions to Watching the Presidential Debate

These Kids Watched the Presidential Debate, and This Is What They Realized

A group of kids stayed up to watch last night's first presidential debate, and they made some simple yet eye-opening observations during Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's performance. While they're not able to vote just yet, it's worth hearing their honest opinions. When it comes to their temperament, one boy noted, "I feel like Hillary Clinton is making a really good point and Donald Trump has just been raging a lot. He's been getting angry and interrupting people."

But even looking past how they delivered their statements, one child questioned the substance behind what Trump was actually saying. "Donald Trump just keeps saying the same thing over and over again, like it will have more meaning each time he says it."

As far as some of the bigger issues are concerned, like stop and frisk, one child had a very important question for Trump: "Would you want your brother, your dad, your son, daughter, or your sister to be randomly stopped in the street and patted down for doing nothing? That doesn't sound like equal rights to anyone, does it?"

Check out the rest of their thoughts in the above video.

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