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Kids Reading Mean Tweets

Teens Reading Mean Tweets Isn't Funny, It's Heartbreaking

Cyberbullying is no laughing matter, and that's the platform that the Canadian Safe School Network used in a brilliant new PSA to draw attention to the devastating and very real epidemic. The nonprofit dedicated to reducing youth violence and improving school safety transformed Jimmy Kimmel's beloved "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" sketch series into an alarmingly heartbreaking PSA.

If you've laughed at Pharrell Williams's response to being called a "sewer rat" or a stranger tweeting that Zooey Deschanel is "overrated," then you'll recognize the format. But the raw emotion in the delivery of these kids reading their brutally harsh messages is a far cry from that of a self-confident adult celebrity.

If the video moves you to learn more about and to support the Canadian Safe School Network's mission, check out the organization's IndieGoGo page. It's certainly given us pause.

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