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Kids Snow Sledding in Flamingo Pool Float Video

Screw Trash Can Lids — It's 2019, and Kids Are Snow Sledding in Massive Pool Floats

Now this is enjoying a Seattle snowstorm!

Seattle's hills in a snowstorm: Tough to drive on; awesome to sled on! Behold Magnolia's Barrett Street Flamingo! (Video via Doug Patterson) STORM UPDATES:

Posted by Scott Sistek Meteorologist on Monday, February 11, 2019

Trash can lids and wooden toboggans are so old school. It's 2019, y'all, and nowadays, the youths are snow sledding in enormous pool floats. After Seattle was struck with a heavy snowstorm on Tuesday, a group of nine kids piled into a positively massive flamingo-shaped inflatable to enjoy the fresh powder. In a now-viral video shared by meteorologist Scott Sistek on Facebook, the group races down a hilly, snow-topped street in the bright pink float, looking like they're having the time of their lives. Talk about a snow day well spent!

Feeling inspired by this genius alternative use for oversize pool floats? Yeah, same — and luckily, an updated version of the flamingo inflatable from the video is available for purchase from Sam's Club, so you can snow sled in style 'til your heart's content.

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Image Source: Sam's Club
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