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Kids Style Their Own Photo Shoot

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Watch out, world: these stylish kids are on track to be trendsetters in no time. Since fashion knows no bounds (especially age!), we gave these budding fashionistas full reign of their very own photo shoot — from makeup to wardrobe to even lighting. We knew they would have a lot to say about their choices, so watch above as they claim their coolness and give us the lowdown on the colors and pieces we should all be sporting.

We've partnered with Kohl's to show that it's never too early to define your style.

Shop the Look
Ian: Outfit 1
Jumping Beans® Plaid Shorts
SONOMA Goods for Life™ Slubbed Short Sleeve Tee
Kid's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Axel Mid Shoes

Ian: Outfit 2
Jumping Beans® Patterned Slubbed Tee
Jumping Beans® Canvas Shorts
REEF Ahi Boy's Sandals

Kaidy: Outfit 1
SONOMA Goods for Life™ Floral Print Ruffle Dress
Kid's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Floral Double Tongue Shoes

Kaidy: Outfit 2
Girls 4-10 Jumping Beans® Dolphin Hem Tiered Skort
Jumping Beans® Applique Slubbed Tee
Chiffon Flower Flip Flops

Jumping Beans® Two-Tone Pocket Tee
Jumping Beans® Slubbed Cargo Shorts
Kid's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Mid Shoes

Jumping Beans® Patterned Henley Dress