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Kids Write a Book on Farts

This Group of Girls Wrote a Book About Farting — and Hey, We'd Give It a Read!

Aidan Severs — a father and deputy head teacher with a good sense of humor — recently took to Twitter to share a little project that his children have been diligently working on, and well, it's peak kid humor. He captioned a telling illustration of a derrière: "Today my children collaborated on this book of 'rude stories for kids'. Chapters include: A Giant Bottom, The Big Poo, The Enormous Wee, The Big Fire Burp, The Pond of Sick."

Welp, at least they got creative with the titles, right?! Aidan told Huff Post UK that his three girls — ages 5, 7, and 8 — worked together on the book but that most of the stories and chapter titles actually stemmed from his 5-year-old.

Although acknowledging bodily functions is often frowned upon in the adult world, Aidan said that it's OK to lighten up a little. "I've laughed along with 30 kids in my class before when someone has done a really obvious fart," he said. Fingers crossed this work of art gets published soon!

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